Northern Greece

Kalabaka to Stara Zagora, April 27 – May 4, 2017

a link for the map

We said goodbye to our new friends and headed for Ioannina, via the ‘small’ roads, which take time and often leave you wondering if you’ll make it out the other side. We stopped briefly for some Greek baked goods – you can see more here – and then back on our way.

After a short lunch break, we were back on our way to Ioannina. We visited the centre for a few hours – a very alternative, exciting city where we both would have liked to spend more time – before taking off up the hill to find a spot for the night.

While in Ioannina, we got some recommendations of what to see around the area, mainly in the Pindos area. These included Dilofo and the Vikos Gorge as well as Monodendri – where we found a lovely camping spot in the middle of a paddock and cooked a gorgeous Greek goat leg stew – see more here.

Descending towards Thessaloniki – via Metsovo, a very cute little ski town with a renowned semi-hard smoked cows’ cheese called metsovone – was just as slow and precarious as the ascent. And for the first time, we discovered what it’s like to run out of water. 



A day in Thessaloniki spent discovering it’s culture, history, the influence it had on the trade routes into and out of Greece over the past centuries, the Modiano markets and learning about Greek coffee – see more here. A truly delightful city.

We’d stocked up well and today we set off to find a spot we could have a camp fire and roast the chicken – you can see more here. We both agree it was the best spot we’ve found to camp up so far – albeit hearing explosions all night. We spent a whole 24 hours here and only saw a handful of people.  

Getting up early for the magnificent sunrise was well worth it! Absolutely stunning.

Following the stunning sunrise, we set our sights on Bulgaria.


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