Eastern and Central Greece

Athens to Kalabaka, April 18 – 26, 2017

a link for the map

Joyous faces as we head for the airport. It’s been a blast mate! Thanks for the good times and adventures and see you over that side of the world next. 

Hearing dogs howl as we fell asleep and waking up during the night to banging and crashing, we were a little skeptical as to where we’d parked the night before. Waking up the next morning to paw prints at our doorstep and a couple of wild dogs curled up in the sand was kind of cute and explained the noises; we were just a part of the wildlife’s playground.

A day dirt biking up in the hills of Rafina, lunch in the sun on our front porch and we hit the road for the south of Evia.

Over the coming days, we discovered the incredible beauty of Evia; the kind people, the amazing wines, the abundance of wildlife and the dramatic and varied landscapes – from crystal clear beaches to snow-capped mountains and rugged cliffs.

We headed north, slowly, on the narrow and windy roads. Some breathtaking scenery along the way showing why we began to adore Evia. At one point, perched high in the centre of the island, we could look left to see one coast and right to see the other.

A change of scenery as we hit flat ground. Poppy fields and bee hives replaced mountain passes and beaches. 

The next part of our journey offered many opportunities to capture the landscape through the art of panoramas; slight high points and gentle curves of the surroundings made it perfect.

We were headed for The Meteora, a very touristy attraction in the centre of Greece, but absolutely phenomenal all the same. Many years ago, monks who sought solitude and wanted to be closer to God, built their monasteries on the top of the rocks – hauling their materials by rope and pulley. Today they still practice services and only allow visits at certain times.

It was here where – as we attempted to dry our clothes up the hill – we chanced a meeting with a South Korean couple. They shared the same idea of trying to go off grid as we did and were as fascinated with our van as we were of their wagon – which they’d driven from South Korea across China, Russia and Ukraine during winter, before entering Romania and heading south. A truly remarkable journey. Kim is a photographer and has shot many amazing photos – you can see some of his work on his blog here. And Noori is a nurse, who is enjoying the time between jobs – like us! 

After watching the sun set we were all in need of some dinner. You can see more about the meal we shared together here.

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