the floor

We figured that if we got the floor level, then at least we’d have a solid, flat and level base to build up from. For this process we jigged the van up a bit on certain wheels to ensure it was as level as it could be.

We faced a few issues here. 1) when we bought the van, the floor was severely dented in certain areas, and 2) we didn’t have a lot of height to play with, so wanted to use up as little as we could.

Ideally we should have used thick insulation, as a lot of heat gets lost through the floor, but as we had minimal height to begin with, we skimped out on the insulation (and we’ll be the first to testify this is true – you can feel how cold it is, even on a mid April morning!) and used really thin stuff and just between the ridges of the floor.

Once this was glued down, we measured and cut the OSB, then bit-by-bit we trimmed it to size. This took a fair while, as cutting around all the nooks and crannies – and nothing seemed to be symmetrical – was a fair task. We figured the larger the pieces for this, the better. In some areas we used some expanding foam (which was also a glue) under the OSB, but for the most part the OSB stayed in place nicely.

After all three pieces were down, we drilled some holes in certain places, just through the OSB, and then filled them with expanding foam (as seen in one of the pictures, you can see some of it is escaping) in an attempt to fill certain air holes.

We knew we wanted a cork floor, but thought it a waste to put the cork down now and then cover half of it by building units on top, so we decided the cork would be the last thing we did. And we probably would have destroyed it in the process.

And finally before we continued, we took the time to have a real good look under the van to see what was under the floor in the different areas, so we knew what units we could and couldn’t secure through the floor and chassis.

Once the floor was put in, it was time to put the new, custom made partition in. The partition that came with the van was going to take too much space away from the living area, so we decided to have crafty metal worker – who is a family friend of Zsu’s parents – make us a custom one.



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